20 Of Marvel Comics’ Weirdest Villains


Wolverine may be famous for his adamantium claws, but once upon a time he fought with bones instead of metal. Marrow works on the same principle, but takes it up several dozen notches; while Wolverine could at least hide his claws, Marrow’s bones are constantly growing and regularly make themselves visible. She might be able to control them and even use them as weapons, but she’s not exactly capable of putting on her Sunday best. On the other hand, as a member of an underground band of mutants, it’s not as if there are suitors lined up to waltz through a ballroom.


In all fairness, Galactus actually did make an appearance in the second Fantastic Four movie, but his representation wasn’t quite one-to-one. Then again, it’s hard to imagine how anyone would represent a character that makes a business out of eating planets, much less how a bunch of superheroes could stop it. Galactus is a godlike being whose true form is said to be incomprehensible — so much like Shuma-Gorath, he sees fit to wear the goofiest costume possible. Why he ever loses in the comics is a mystery, unless one assumes it’s a product of hubris or oversight. On the other hand, maybe his daughter foiled his plans — and while Galacta isn’t technically canon, the mechanics of her birth are best left unexplored.


2011’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had a difficult task: to represent the Fantastic Four without taking up four slots in the game’s roster. The solution: add in Super-Skrull instead, who had the powers of all four heroes with the added bonus of a chin that looks like a row of dill pickles. As a member of the Skrull race, Kl’rt was given enhanced versions of the Fantastic Four’s powers — on top of his default shape-shifting, no less — to help his people begin their alien invasion. His aims of world domination don’t make him any less of a religious zealot, though; in games, he’s known for saying “He loves you” as tribute to the Skrull gods — which incidentally comes just before he ensnares his foes in a gigantic fireball.

Ego the Living Planet

Never has there been a more apt name for a character. Ego the Living Planet may never get a chance to be much more than a fixture in the background or an item on an internet article, but it’s got a history in the Marvel universe, and that’s what matters most. A one-in-a-million chance let a single mass in space reach planetary size while it gained sentience, and with it a host of human-like organs — a brain chief among them. Because of that, Ego is not only vastly intelligent and powerful, but can change its habitat into a paradise or nightmare at will, just in case someone decides to visit. Then again, that didn’t stop it from losing a fight to Thor, so maybe being a planet with a mustache isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.