20 Mind Boggling Pictures You’ve Never Seen Before

Classic Daytona Beach

This is the kind of picture that period drama’s constantly try to emulate, the image that represents a sunnier time and happier vibes. This picture was taken on Daytona Beach in 1957 on what appears to be the most photogenic day of all time. The cars, the beach, the people and the time itself combine to make an extremely unique photograph.

Bagger 293

This is a photograph of Bagger 293, the heaviest land vehicle in the world. It is essentially a giant bucket-wheel excavator made by the German giant TAKRAF. The vehicle is over 300 feet tall and weighs 14,200 tonnes.

Undersea Cable Cross-Section

Have you ever wondered what the cross-section of an undersea cable looks like? Someone did because this image clearly shows us what it would look like if someone used a giant laser to cut one of these giant underwater cables!

The Great Wall Ends

We have all seen images of ‘The Great Wall of China’ on the internet, but have you ever seen what it looks like at the point where the wall begins/ends? We were fascinated to find out that it ends at a water body, but that actually makes perfect sense, unless a soldier knows how to swim.