20 Makeup & Beauty Hacks To Simplify Your Life

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People often say that appearance is everything. Sometimes getting ready to start your day can be very time consuming and it’s always helpful to have a few tips when it comes to makeup and enhancing your natural beauty. Always wondered if there was an easy way try that cat eye liner tutorial you saw on YouTube? Or maybe you’ve wonder how to get that awful makeup off your shirt collar? Well, this is the list for you. Let’s check out a few beauty and makeup tips that will help make your life a little bit easier.

Fix Clumpy Mascara

Mascara will dry out overtime and will create clumps. In order to fix this, you can simply add a drop or two of eye drops into the mascara tube. Then, rub the mascara wand around inside of the tube. The eye drops will soften the mascara liquid. Your mascara will now apply as if it were brand new.

Long Lasting Lipstick

Want your lipstick to last longer? All you have to do is apply your lipstick like you normally would. Then hold a tissue over your lips and simply apply powder to the tissue. This will help create a matte look that will make your lipstick last longer.

Eye Popping Shadow

To make your eye shadow pop and stand out, apply white eyeliner to your eyelid. The white eyeliner will help conceal your skin color, creating a white base for your eye shadow. This will help your eye shadow color pop.

Homemade Gel Eye Liner

You can make your own gel liner by holding the eyeliner above the flame of a lighter. Afterwards, test the eyeliner pencil on the back of your hand before using it on your eyes.

Smudge Remover

Made a mistake while applying your makeup? Use tiny daps of petroleum jelly on a cotton swab to remove any accidental smudge you’ve made. The petroleum jelly works as a small eraser for makeup.

Easy Cat Eye Liner

The easiest and most foolproof way to get the perfect cat eyeliner is to apply the eyeliner using a credit card. The credit card will give you the perfect line to trace on your face for the most amazing cat eyeliner.

Remove Lipstick From Your Teeth

After you’ve applied you lipstick stick your finger in your mouth. Close your lips so that they press against your finger and then pull your finger out. The left over lipstick will now be on your finger instead of your teeth.

Wrong Foundation? No Problem!

If you’ve accidentally bought a foundation that was entirely too dark for your skin tone, apply some moisturizer to the foundation. Mixing the moisturizer with the foundation will create a lighter color.

Making Your Perfume Last Longer

Place small amounts of petroleum jelly on your pulse points will make your perfume fragrance last longer. Just be sure to apply the petroleum jelly before spraying your perfume.

Longer Lashes

Do you want longer lashes but want to avoid the hassle of applying falsies? Apply powder on your eyelashes by using a cotton swab in between your mascara application. This will make your natural eyelashes appear to be longer.

Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Getting rid of that pesky glitter nail polish is very easy. All you have to do is apply some white glue instead of a base coat, then paint your nails with your choice of glitter polish. When you’re ready to remove the glitter polish it will peel right off thanks to the glue.

Band Aid Nail Art

For a quick and easy nail art, use Band-Aids. Cover your already painted nails after they are dry with a Band-Aid. Then color over the Band-Aid with your choice of nail polish. You will get a polka-dot nail art look on your nails.

Dry Your Nails With Ice Water

Waiting for your nails to completely dry can be very time consuming. One way to get your nails to dry quicker is to stick them into ice water after you have finished polished them. Another alternative is to use a cooking spray or a blow dryer to help the polish set and to prevent them from cracking.

Remove Makeup From Your Shirt

Getting ready to start your day only to discover that you’ve gotten makeup on your shirt can very frustrating. Adding a small amount of shaving cream and wiping the shirt with a damp cloth can easily remove the make up.

Curl Your Lashes Faster

Use your blow dryer to heat up your eyelash curler. Of course you should wait until the eyelash curlers cool down a little bit before applying them to your lashes. The heat from the blow dryer will help the curl of your eyelashes last longer.

Apply Eyelash Glue With a Bobby Pin

If you don’t have a steady hand then you can find applying eyelash glue to your false lashes difficult. One easy way to apply eyelash glue is to use a bobby pin. Placing the glue onto the tip of the bobby pin can make for a quicker and easy application.

Use Natural Lighting

The best way to apply any kind of makeup is with natural lighting in front of a close-up mirror. The natural lighting will help you see how your makeup will look once you step outside of your home.

Exfoliate Your Lips

For clean, smooth and healthy looking lips you should exfoliate them. Brush your lips with a toothbrush and petroleum jelly before applying any kind of lipstick or lip-gloss will allow your lips to be incredibly smooth.

Apply Mascara With a Card

Hold a business card up to your lashes when you’re applying your mascara. This will help you get the mascara to the very root of your eye lashes. It will also help you achieve a more professional look while your lashes are covered all the way to your lash base.

Make Lip Stain with Kool-Aid

Running out of lip stain when you need it the most is devastating. You can make your own lip stain by using Kool-Aid. All you have to do is empty the Kool-Aid packet into a container and apply it to your lips using a cotton swab. The color will last all day and it’s very inexpensive.