20 Kids With A Fearless Sense Of Humor

Art Linkletter taught the word a long time ago that kids say the darnedest thing, and times have not changed one bit. As children grow they get a better sense of what is okay to say and do and what things not to say and do… but there is that magical age when children act only on their impulses because they either don’t know any better or they just don’t care. Here are few guileful kids who will make your sides ache with laughter.

Taking It Literally

This kid isn’t actually wrong – they are spheres and they are trying to influence the little stick figure man. I guess he loses points because the spheres aren’t accomplishing their goals.

Young Escher

At first, you might not know what you’re looking at. Then you take a closer look and realize this kid is a master of illusions.

Beef Eater

This kid seems to love being a meat-eater.

Smart Alec

If there ever were a person who perfectly summed up what doing homework feels like, its this kid right here.