20 Items You Can Only Discover In A Chinese Walmart

Snickers and Batteries

There isn’t a single person who has gone to the store and not asked themselves why they couldn’t get a pair of AA batteries when they are buying a Snickers bar. Well, now you can at Chinese Walmarts.

Dried Reptile Parts

Along with an entire crocodile, consumers can also purchase various dried pieces from a wide variety of reptiles. Soups, salads, or a sandwich are all possible with this wide assortment of chunked meat.

Meat Water

Along with Diet Water, meat water is also a thing in China. Flavors include Beef Stroganoff, Cheese Burger, and Peking Duck, to name just a few. Give one a try, then come back for more.

Deception of Sheep Offal

We’re not quite sure why this sheep offal is deceptive, but that probably means it is completely fake meat. Who knows what it actually is, though, as it could be almost anything.