20 Interesting Facts About Aztecs You Probaby Didn’t Know

The Aztecs are known for eating chocolate, killing people in sacrifice to their gods and ultimately getting defeated by the Spaniards. They are known by people as a barbaric race due to the large number of people they killed. The Aztecs believed in art, education and family very strongly. Also, religion was very important in Aztec culture and society. The Aztec people worshiped several goddesses and gods, each of whom ruled one or more aspects of nature or human activities. Furthermore, they had several agricultural gods because their culture was based on farming and also included natural elements they identified with their deities. Here are some more interesting facts about Aztecs.


It was common in Aztec society for someone who was poverty-stricken to sell their children into slavery. Several Aztecs would sell themselves into slavery.

European Disease

It was European disease that ultimately defeated the Aztecs. The amount of destruction caused by European diseases was immense, it is estimated that over 20 million Mexicans lost their life in a period of five years due to the diseases brought over by the Spanish.

Burial Traditions

Their deceased were generally buried right under their house.

Human Sacrifices

One thing concerning the Aztec religion and Aztec gods is that these needed a lot of human sacrifices. Occurring in larger numbers than in any other religion in history, these human sacrifices were performed by Mexica priests at the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon.