20 Impossible Life Choices 20 Somethings Are Forced To Make

Confront Friends, Or Leave Passive Aggressive Notes?

You’re an adult now, which means that when you have a problem with someone, you should probably just let them know about it. The only trouble is that you still have the mentality of a child, so instead of making the mature choice and sucking it up, you send a text and hide under your duvet. Nice.

Do The Laundry Or Buy New Socks?

For some unknown reason, all of your socks go missing at the same time and you face the weekly dilemma of either putting them on to wash or buying new ones. You’ve made new purchases more times than you can count and when you finally get around to doing the laundry, your drawers are fit to bursting.

Go To The Gym, Or Eat A Pizza?

When you face the very real dilemma of gym vs pizza, life doesn’t get much worse. You know that you will feel so much better after doing a workout, but the thought of melted cheese is just too tempting.

Go To Bed, Or Watch More CSI?

You know that if you stay up and watch another episode that you will pay for it in the morning, but the pull of the TV is too strong for you to resist. Decisions like these are what makes being an adult really terrible.