20 Horrifying Shark Attacks That Will Make You Question Going Swimming

The Real New Jersey Jaws

Five shark attacks occurred along the Jersey Shore over a 10-day time period in 1916. 25-year-old Charles Vansant was the first victim, Charles Bruder was the second, the final three took place at Matawan Creek, 30 miles from Spring Lake. Four of these victims died, and the fifth suffered serious injuries.

Shirley Ann Durdin

A simple 33-year-old housewife and mother, Shirley Ann Durdin went snorkeling in Peake Bay when she was attacked by a great white shark in seven-foot deep water. Her husband and four children watched from the shore as the shark tore her in two. The only thing remaining of her when rescuers arrived was her headless torso, though the shark circled back and took that, too.

USS Indianapolis

In 1945, the USS Indianapolis dropped the first Atomic bomb. A Japanese submarine fired six torpedoes, sinking the ship between Guan and Leyte Gulf. 900 men were thrown into the water upon the ship sinking, and then whitetip sharks began circling those left in the water. Within five days, 600 more men died in the water, with the sharks accounting for most of the deaths.

Robert Pamperin

In 1959, Robert Pamperin was diving for sea snails off La Jolla Coast in California. His friend, Gerald Lehrer, said Pamperin was unusually high in the water and missing his mask. Pamperin then slowly descended into the blood-red water. A 22-foot shark was seen dragging the diver towards the sea bed.