20 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Being Ninjas

Some animals are just natural ninjas, others you sometimes just catch in the right moment. Ninja cats are a popular breed, and you will definitely find a few of them in this list. However, we’ve scoured the web to find more than just ninja cats for your enjoyment. If you are ready to be shocked and amazed, and if you are ready to laugh until you fall out of the chair, keep reading and enjoy these animal ninjas in their natural habitats.

Ninja Cat Faces Down Dog

This ninja cat doesn’t seem to affect the dog much in this scenario. Maybe he’s just letting ninja cat get some practice in before the real foes arrive.

Happy Ninja Dog

He’s a ninja. He’s a dog. And he’s one happy dog while he practices his ninja flying moves in the autumn leaves.

Ninja Kittens

There’s really no way to know who will win this ninja kitten fight. These two are pretty much equals in the kitten and ninja world. Both cute and both deadly.

Ninja Hamster

By far the scariest ninja of all. The ninja hamster is so small that you never see him coming, even when he isn’t in ninja stealth mode. He prefers his spaghetti stick to a staff.