20 Hilarious Memes And Photos About The Hazards Of Cat Ownership

There is a reason why the pet dog is known as “man’s best friend” – they are caring, sympathetic, emotionally-responsive, loyal creatures. Cats, on the other hand, while sweet, cuddly, and affectionate can also be the complete and utter opposite of all those things at the drop of a hat – fickle is a good word for it. But being so unpredictable and amazingly self-aware is all a part of their appeal as a pet – if you can put up with their complex and varying personalities. Here are a few memes that perfectly sum up the difficulties of being surrogate parent to a feisty feline.

Goodbye, Sanity

There’s a reason why people are so familiar with the term “crazy cat lady.” Learning to speak “cat” really can drive a person nuts.

Toilet Guardian

There are so many things about this world that your cat knows that you don’t know. For instance, it knows that bathrooms are more terrifying than humans realize.

Rebel, Rebel

Reverse psychology is extremely effective for getting children to do things they don’t want to do of their own free will. Apparently, the same concept works on cats.

Oh Mama I’m In Fear For My Life From The Long Arm Of The Law

Cats possess intelligence beyond a lot of other animals, but they also have a sense of mischief unparalleled by any. It explains why they get into destructive shenanigans and then hide from the consequences.