20 Hilarious Cigarette Ads That Will Shock You

Keeps You Slender

If you are looking to be skinnier (but die sooner), then reach for a Lucky instead of that sweet! Cigarettes help you keep a slender figure, which is such a joke because we have seen a lot of overweight smokers.

Women’s Rights

Women did not want equal rights to vote or feel as equals to men, but they wanted them so they could smoke right along with men after dinner! How crazy is this ad? We’ve sure come a long way.

Sexual Inuendo

Well, this one is very dirty! Blow in her face and she will follow you anywhere, as he blows in her face. We don’t think she’ll follow, but this ad thinks so!

So Much Easier

The reason we don’t smoke is because it is so hard to get a cigarette out of the box. However, this cigarette box is so much easier and you can do it with one hand, so now we might actually smoke.