20 Haunted Locations In The United States We Wouldn’t Dare Enter

It’s hard to think there may be life on the other side, but at the same time you have to wonder what happens to everyone when they pass on to the next life. According to some people, a lot of those individuals don’t just pass on. Instead, these guys and gals become malicious spirits that latch on to the homes where they were last alive and haunt the living hell out of it. All across the United States, there are abandoned houses where people claim ghosts haunt the halls. Well, here are twenty of the very worst left standing.

The Chelsea Hotel

The Chelsea Hotel in New York City remains one of the most haunted landmarks in the city. The hotel was built in 1884, and was the home to many famous names, including writers, musicians, and artists of all kinds. Many famous people died within the hotel, and visitors claimed to have seen the ghosts of Dylan Thomas, Thomas Wolfe, and Eugene O’Neill, amongst others.

Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is named as such because no one really knows who built the home. This 160-room Victorian mansion has odd architecture throughout the entire building. Secret passages, labyrinth-like hallways, and even a seance room are all included. The house is said to have been built for spirits.

Amityville House

The Amityville House was home to the DeFeo family. In 1974, six members of said family were found dead. The eldest son was convicted of murdering his parents and siblings. The Lutz family moved in a year later, but they experienced strange smells, cold drafts, and an apparition that appeared to be a pig-like creature from Hell itself.

The Cassadaga Hotel

Cassadaga is infamous for its spiritualist community and paranormal activity. However, The Cassadaga Hotel is at the center of it all. The hotel is said to be the home to many spirits, most of which have energy beyond recognition. A vortex is said to have been felt by skeptics.