20 Funny Photos With A Twist

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We have all taken photos in our life and thought everything was perfect, as everyone was in place and everyone had a big smile on their face. However, something usually goes wrong with the photo and sometimes you don’t notice it until later on. These funny photos are a perfect example of that, as they appear to look like normal photos, but look twice and that’s when you’ll see it. Let’s see if you can you see why these 20 photos made this list.


High school dances can always be awkward, especially when you don’t have a date. Look closely and you’ll see someone looking awkward, even without a date.

Parked Car

This one had us looking for a little while, as we first thought it was just that the car seemed to be parked inside of a house! Look a little closer and you might see something stuck to the tyre.

Farewell Column

Well, this was either the senior staff’s attempt at being funny, or they’re showing off how bad they are as journalists. While this is seemingly harmless and accidental, it still managed to make this list.

Group Photo

It looks like a normal photo at a wedding or some type of party, but then why is the girl in the middle naked? Look a little closer and you may figure it out.

White Jacket

This guy is showing off his new jacket that he bought and maybe wanting people to give him compliments on it. He didn’t expect us to see anything but the jacket though!

Guys Walking

Nothing seemed off to us with this photo. It was just three guys walking along and having some laughs… then we saw it!

Ladies Having A Good Time

These ladies just wanted to have a fun night together and drink some coffee and chat. Clearly something was keeping it from being enjoyable, so they locked it up and solved that problem?

Guys Kissing

It looks like these guys were celebrating a birthday and taking some photos of the big day. No big deal, except that hand on the shoulder!

Posing On The Beach

These girls are probably on Spring Break and having a good time, so they do a swan pose for the camera. Looks good, but they didn’t know they had another person posing with them.

Bride and Groom

It’s this couple’s big day and they are going through the ceremony and everything is going fine…or is it? It looks like someone might want out!


We seriously spent a few minutes trying to figure this one out and got aggravated. It’s just three guys posing while at a Comic-Con event, right?

Beach Bun

We don’t know if it is sand or salt in her hair, but that is not the point of the picture. Keep an eye on that hair though and you might see something else!

Fun Times At The Bar

College is always a good time, as we go to get a degree but spend most of our time partying with friends. These friends were having a good night out, but maybe one of them had a little bit too much of a good time?

Resting Chin

We have all put our chin on our hand and had that thinking-mode pose. It is often seen, but there is a little twist to it in this photo.

Piles Of Trash

It looks like someone was moving in and unloading some boxes and trash and had a little mess going on. They have some cleaning to do, but there is a little more to this photo than that!

Group Pose

We feel bad for saying it, but this one took us a while to figure out too. While you may be scanning this picture looking for what’s wrong, try focusing around the poles.

Hot Girl

It looks like a hot girl just trying to pose sexy, right? We will admit that it took us a while to figure this one out, so we’ll give you a hand.

Soccer Team

We don’t think this is the official team photo for the soccer team. Someone seems to have lost something while the photo was being taken!

Hockey Team

Everyone is posed nicely and the hockey team is happy for their official team photo. It looks like someone might have been a little nervous for the photo though.

Office Card

If you have worked in an office, than you know what this is all about. It appears that a coworker must have lost a loved one and they got a card for them to show their sympathy. Someone clearly didn’t get the memo!