20 Funny Photos With A Twist

We have all taken photos in our life and thought everything was perfect, as everyone was in place and everyone had a big smile on their face. However, something usually goes wrong with the photo and sometimes you don’t notice it until later on. These funny photos are a perfect example of that, as they appear to look like normal photos, but look twice and that’s when you’ll see it. Let’s see if you can you see why these 20 photos made this list.


High school dances can always be awkward, especially when you don’t have a date. Look closely and you’ll see someone looking awkward, even without a date.

Parked Car

This one had us looking for a little while, as we first thought it was just that the car seemed to be parked inside of a house! Look a little closer and you might see something stuck to the tyre.

Farewell Column

Well, this was either the senior staff’s attempt at being funny, or they’re showing off how bad they are as journalists. While this is seemingly harmless and accidental, it still managed to make this list.

Group Photo

It looks like a normal photo at a wedding or some type of party, but then why is the girl in the middle naked? Look a little closer and you may figure it out.