20 Funny and Shocking Works of Body Art

We’ve all seen tattoos, or to use the politically correct term, “body art.” Some of it’s astonishingly beautiful, and some of it’s just freaky as anything imaginable. Other times, it’s downright funny. Here is a top twenty list of some of the most funny and shocking tattoos many of us could ever imagine—from tattoos on heads and a full body x-ray tattoo, to a tribute to “Lord of the Rings” in a rather odd place.

Six Pack Abs

He said he wanted to show off his six-pack. But who’d have thought he meant a tattoo of a six-pack of beer? And that’s one six-pack he can’t drink.

Not Just Eyes, But a Whole Face…

You know how adults say “I have eyes in the back of my head”? Well this adult’s saying it right now, complete with tufts of hair that look like a mustache. I bet no little kid’s going to be stealing out from under his nose.

Head Over Body

This is one heck of a mnemonic device for learning to code. I bet he won’t be forgetting that order of code tags any time soon.

Monkey On His Back

Such a man with a burden surely must be sympathetic to the rest of us who have more metaphorical monkies on our backs. Only his misfortune is, he’ll never get that monkey off his back. It’s there to stay, written, er, drawn in i