20 Amazing Adventure Tourism Destinations You Should Consider Visiting

The adventure tourism industry has been thriving over the past decade and with good reasons. It is the perfect alternative for those who want the best of a traditional vacation with the option of indulging in some select and exhilarating adventure sports. Many cities now boast being the premier location to conduct sky diving, bungee jumping, deep sea diving and many other niche activities. Most of these adventure sports promise to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it is best experienced when you are already on a vacation with your friends or family. Here is a list of 20 locations you need to consider while planning your next vacation:


There is only one place most snow sport enthusiasts look to in the world for quality and consistency, and that place is Switzerland. It is primarily famous for its facilities in skiing. snowboarding, tobogganing, ice climbing, ice diving, dog sledding and air boarding. During the summer seasons, a whole new set of activities opens up within the region such as Nordic Walking, Climbing, Hang Gliding, Canoeing, Rafting, Spelunking, Mountaineering, Cliff Diving and Gold Panning. The natural beauty of the entire region along with a wide spectrum of activities makes Switzerland one of the most preferred adventure tourism destinations in the planet.

New Zealand

Although New Zealand is one of the smaller countries in the world, it has an extremely diverse topography and landscape, allowing it to host a wide range of adventure sports amidst its own natural splendor. The country uses its vast mountains, expansive volcanoes, meandering rivers and infinite coastlines to create some truly memorable experiences for adventure sport enthusiasts as well nature lovers. Apart from being the pioneer destination for Bungee jumping, the country is also renowned for hosting Snowboarding, White Water Rafting, Sky Diving, Hang Gliding, Heli-Skiing and the famous Night Water Rafting that can be experienced only in New Zealand.

South Africa

There are two specific regions in South Africa that are famous for hosting some of the best adventure sports in the world along with being extremely serene. The Okavango Delta of Botswana and the Mediterranean shores of Tunisia are renowned for their excellent Diving, Rafting, Mountain Climbing, Trekking, White Water Expeditions and Surfing.


Australia, much like New Zealand, has some extremely varied terrain that helps facilitate a wide range of adventure sports. This includes Scuba Diving at the Great Reef Barrier, Outbacking, Spelunking and Biking at Ayers Rock and Blue Mountain, along with a whole range of water sports such as Surfing, Kayaking and Windsurfing that are available all around its free-flowing coasts.