20 Fun Facts About Tina Fey’s “30 Rock”

Tracy Jordan’s Entourage Really Are Tracy Morgan’s Friends

Actor Grizz Chapman, who played Grizz in the show 30 Rock, really is good friends with Tracy Morgan. If that isn’t enough, the character of Dot Com is played by Kevin Brown who used to be Tracy Morgan’s manager when he did comedy! No wonder all of that on screen friendship appears real – it is!

Madmen’s Jon Hamm Auditioned for Alec Baldwin’s Role

Although he eventually guest starred on 30 Rock as a love interest of Tina Fey’s character, Jon Hamm had originally wanted to play the role of her boss, Jack Donaghey! Sound crazy? Apparently they didn’t think they would get him for the role either, given his success on “Madmen” which was then on hiatus, but 30 Rock producers had him audition for the role anyway. While the role of Jack eventually went to Alec Baldwin, Hamm has a good relationship with all concerned, which led to a role on Tina Fey’s latest project “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt“.

Community’s Donald Glover Was A Writer For 30 Rock

We all love to binge watch “Community” starring Donald Glover, but did you know that before he hit it big on the hit show he was a writer for 30 Rock? In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tina Fey said “Donald started right out of college as a writer at 30 Rock. He was actually still, I believe, living in an NYU dorm. He was an RA, and he would work and go home to a dorm.” You can catch Donald in a few earlier episodes of 30 Rock as well, before he went on to star in his own show!

Oprah Thinks Tina Fey Works Too Hard

The one and only Oprah guessed starred in an episode of 30 Rock to be aired in 2008 – the exact same time that Tina Fey was also playing Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin in numerous skits for Saturday Night Live. Fey was so busy that she was running from set to set constantly, a fact that, when brought to Oprah’s attention, led her to suggest that Tina Fey might be overworking herself.