20 Foods That Look Shockingly Different When Portion Controlled

Cheddar Cheese

Cheese is delicious snack, but watch out if you eat it alone – its easy to over consume. If you insist on eating it, try eating it with something else to help fill you up, like apples.


There is a reason why people consider the avocado to be a miracle food – its loaded with protein, good fats, and plenty of fiber. As you can see its also the perfect portion for a hearty snack or a mini meal.

Glazed Donut

One of the most important parts of dieting is to not deny yourself of the things you want to eat – doing so makes you more likely to break down and pig out on bad foods. If you grab for glazed donuts though, do yourself a favor and don’t grab more than one.

French Fries

French fries is one of the most addictive junk foods out there, so if you do eat them on a diet you must watch yourself. Just take careful note of this picture and you should be fine.