20 Fascinating Sinkholes To Dive Into

Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier has quickly become known as the city of craters. Located in South East Australia, water channels, caves, and caverns underneath the land have begun to sink inward. Volcanic craters and natural sinkholes fill with water throughout the land.

Agrico Gypsum Stack

Unfortunately, not all sinkholes are beautiful. For example, the Agrico Gypsum Stack in Florida was devastating in 1994. A 15-story sinkhole tore through the state underneath an 80-million-ton pile of gypsum stack (toxic waste). The hazardous material contaminated 90% of the drinking water, and cleanup costs were well into the millions.

The Devil’s Sinkhole

The Devil’s Sinkhole, for the adventerous cave-divers out there, plunges into the earth a staggering 121m in Texas. Archeological evidence suggests this particular sinkhole was sacred to the Native Americans living in the area previously.

Great Blue Hole

Oceanic sinkholes are some of the most beautiful around. The Great Blue Hole in Belize is easily the very best of them. This massive sinkhole is 300m across and 124m deep. The center of the hole is completely blue, with the surrounding water being a lighter shade.