20 Famous People Who Have Weird Dirty Secrets


Pythagoras was an incredibly important Greek scientist and mathematician – you probably remember learning about his theorem in high school. You probably didn’t know he invented his own religion which commanded its followers to do strange things like never eat beans, never let swallows nest in your roof, and smooth out any indents you make on your pillow after sleeping on it.

Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe was a Danish scientist in the 16th century who was on the forefront of empirical data collection that changed the field of astronomy. He also kept a dwarf named Jepp underneath his dinner table because he believed Jepp has psychic powers.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was one of the greatest leaders of the modern world, having rallied his people together to take on Hitler and the Nazis during World War II. He also enjoyed working and walking around his office naked.

Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin was one of the most important figures in American history as a politician, writer, and inventor. He was also a rampant lothario who wrote about how he preferred older women, citing their experience, discretion, gratefulness, and inability to get pregnant as perks for sleeping with them.