20 Fabulous Locations For Whale And Dolphin Watching

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If you love the idea of swimming with dolphins and watching whales dive in the waves, you’ll want to plan your vacation to any one of these 20 fabulous whale and dolphin watching destinations.

These destinations were chosen based on the frequency of dolphin and whale sightings. You don’t have to be standoffish during these trips either. You can reach out and feed the wild dolphins at Monkey Mia on Shark Bay, and you can swim with the dolphins in the wild. There are numerous oceanic safari tours that take you to the dolphins and whales in the wild. No matter which of these beautiful destinations you choose, your vacation will be one you’ll always remember because dolphins and whales are amazing!

Off The Coast Of Mozambique, Dolphins Abound!

When you think of Mozambique, you most likely think of land mammals and safaris, but you should be thinking of whales and dolphins. These animals live off the coast of Mozambique. You will have ample opportunity to spot the dolphins and humpback whales if you spend any time on the water.

Namibia’s Dolphin Watching Tours On Walvis Bay

Namibia is another coastal African country with dolphins nearby. There are tour guides available to take visitors on trips to see the dolphins. Walvis Bay is one of the most popular dolphin sighting locations in the world.

Watching Opportunities Abound Near Cape Town

Haviside’s Dolphins are located in the waters just beyond Cape Town. Lambert’s Bay and West Coast National Park are just two of the nearby locations that provide refuge for dolphins. Whales are often visible here also.

Go On An Oceanic Safari At Plettenberg Bay

Bryde’s Whales live in Plettenberg Bay. They can be seen regularly here, but they are out and about on their own schedule.

There are tour options for oceanic safaris on Plettenberg Bay. If you are looking for dolphins in their natural habitat, this is one of your best bets for fabulous photo opportunities.

Enjoy Whale Watching At De Hoop Nature Reserve

The De Hoop Nature Reserve is a great location for whale watching. It is located approximately three hours from Cape Town. This is one of the best land-based spots for watching dolphins and whales. Just follow the Whale Trail to the beautiful beach where you have a great view of dolphins and whales.

Wollongong, Not Just For Birdwatching!

Wollongong is known for its birdwatching tours, however, birds are not the only creatures that are visible on these tours. There have been numerous reports of sperm whale sightings while on these bird watching cruises.

Minke Whales Seen In Scotland

Scotland is not only home to the Loch Ness Monster and the Scottish Highlands, it is also home to Minke Whales. These beauties can be watched from land or while cruising on a boat.

Off The Coast Of Sydney, Australia: Home Of Dolphins And Whales

Australia is most often known for kangaroos and boomerangs, but you should add the bottlenose dolphin to this list. They are frequently seen off the coast of Sydney.

Jervis Bay Is Home To Dolphins And Whales

Jervis Bay is located near the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. Jervis Bay is home of the most beautiful white sandy beaches. The turquoise water is clear and home to both dolphins and whales. You will have plenty of opportunities to view them at play here.

Feed The Wild Dolphins In Shark Bay

Shark Bay is the place where you can get up close and personal with wild dolphins. They come to the beach to be fed! And, yes, even you can feed the dolphins. These dolphins are known as the Monkey Mia dolphins.

Swim With The Dolphins At Port Philip Bay

If you have the desire to swim with the dolphins in the wild, you can do this at Port Philip Bay. There are excursion trips that take you to the dolphins where you can join them for a swim. This is one of the most rewarding experiences that you can have on vacation!

Gladstone Harbour: See Sahul Humpbacked Dolphins Here!

Gladstone Harbour is home of the Sahul Humpbacked Dolphin. There are ample opportunities for these dolphins to be seen and photographed. Your family vacation will never be boring or the same as your neighbor’s if you choose to visit Gladstone Harbour.

Roebuck Bay: Daily Dolphin Sightings

Australia’s Roebuck Bay is one of the world’s finest locations for dolphin sightings. You will enjoy lounging on the beach while watching the dolphins playing in the waves.

Visit The Great Barrier Reef And See The Dolphins

The Great Barrier Reef is gorgeous and is a delightful vacation place to visit. When you factor in the dolphin sightings, the Great Barrier Reef ranks higher on the vacation must see list.

Tasmania: Fabulous Vacation Destination On The Water

If you are looking for a unique vacation destination, choose Tasmania. You won’t be looking for a whirling dervish while you are here. You will be wowed by the wild dolphin show instead!

Swim With The Dolphins At Akaroa

Akaroa is a New Zealand vacation destination where swimming with the dolphins is the norm! Hector’s Dolphin is located here. There is nothing like an up close and personal encounter with a dolphin!

Kaikoura: View The Stunning Landscape And Swim With Dolphins

Kaikoura is home of the Dusky Dolphins. You can take a boat ride and go swimming with the dolphins here. You will definitely make vacation memories to last a lifetime at Kaikoura.

Timor-Leste: Hidden Vacation Destination For Dolphin Watching

If you are looking for a vacation destination that is off the beaten path, Timor-Leste is exactly what you are looking for. The scenic view is amazing and is made even more gorgeous when the dolphins surface to play in the waves. Valu Beach is featured here in East Timor.

Swim With The Dolphins At Bay Of Islands, New Zealand

If you are looking for a remote area to swim with dolphins, the Bay of Islands should be your next vacation stop. Your tour guides will easily locate dolphins and whales when you take an oceanic tour. Dive on in the water to swim with the dolphins.

Travel To Bay Of Banderas In Mexico

Travel to Bay of Banderas in Mexico to see and play with the dolphins in the wild. This destination is close to the States and provides an adventure without traveling around the world. If you are looking to chase the sun and lounge while watching dolphins play, Bay of Banderas is a great choice for your next vacation!