20 Deadliest Floods In World History

Much of the Southwest of the United States is currently under water, with Texas and Oklahoma the heaviest hit with multiple people either dead or missing from the massive flooding. More storms and flooding are expected to make the situation even worse. It’s the biggest flood in that region since the St. Francis Dam failure of 1928, and unfortunately is another chapter in a long history of deadly floods. Here is a list of the 20 most deadliest floods in world history.

1421 St. Elizabeth Flood

Anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 people died when the dikes gave way after a heavy storm passed through present-day Netherlands. The rain caused the North Sea to overflow, and multiple villages remained underwater for decades after. Some small islands have been restored, but much of the area remains underwater.

1717 Christmas Flood

Around 14,000 people died on Christmas night in 1717 along the coasts of Germany, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands. The town of Butjadingen was among the heaviest hit places losing 30 percent of their population.

1939 Tianjin Flood

Both the Netherlands and China are sites of some of the most deadliest floods in history. The city of Tianjin, which has a current population of over 14.7 million people, lost around 20,000 people in a flood from the Haihe River that devastated the land.

1570 All Saints’ Flood

While an exact number wasn’t recorded, well over 20,000 casualties were suffered after a major flood along the Dutch coast in the late 1500’s. A mixture of rain and wind of severe storms caused the destruction of many homes along with lots of livestock. This is known as the second All Saints’ flood in the Netherlands, with the first happening back in 1170.