20 Cute Photos Of Animals Wearing Shoes

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Why are people so surprised to see animals wearing shoes; I mean they do have feet so it makes perfect sense, right? As humans, we like to dress up our pets in fancy clothes — and as all fashionista’s know, an outfit is simply not complete without an amazing pair of shoes. Of course, we’ve seen a few cats and dogs sporting footwear, but they are not the only ones in the animal kingdom who like to dabble in human attire. Whether it’s a goat, a duck, a lizard or even a penguin, these photos prove that cats and dogs are not the most fashion savvy animals in the lot; although they are on the list. Check out these 20 cute images of animals wearing shoes.

Water Boots

No other goat has ever looked this fabulous while eating grass.

Leather Boots

Puss In Boots is real.

Nike Sneakers

Hey bulldog, if you wanna wear sneakers, just do it!

Bunny Slippers

A bunny wearing bunny slippers? How cute! Shame it wouldn’t be the same if we wore human slippers… that sucks.

Ducks Shoes

Because ducks can be fashion savvy too.

Red Converse

Wow, two pairs of converse, now that’s a serious shoe lover.

Horse Shoes

At least now when he’s horsing around, he can do it in fabulous shoes.

Cowboy Boots

Well hello there, Rango!

Prickly Boots

Where exactly do you go to purchase tiny hedgehog shoes?

Fancy Shoes

This little fashionista couldn’t decide on one type of shoe, so she opted for cute red pumps and stylish silver peep toes.

Outdoor Shoes

This duck is ready to explore the outdoors in these sturdy sandles.

Large Shoes

Wow, this cat could give Michael Jordan a run for his money — look how huge those shoes are!

Elf Shoes

This dog is none-too-pleased about these elf shoes. Just look at his face.

Warm Shoes

I’m kinda surprised that penguins don’t wear shoes more often; I mean, they do live in very cold temperatures.

Clean Shoes

That awkward moment when you refuse to get your new shoes dirty, so you put them on and sit down.

Stylish Shoes

This lone ranger is definitely one of the most stylish dogs in the neighborhood.

Turtle Slippers

This little cutey pie seems to be a fan of turtles.

Ballet Flats

The look on your face when you try on your first pair of ballet shoes.

Green Boots

When you literally live in mud, water boots are the best option.

Single Shoe

Hey little kitty, I think you’re wearing it wrong!