20 Creepy Conspiracies You Never Knew About The Shining

The Film Condemns America Abandoning The Gold Standard

The Gold Room in the Overlook plays an important part and in some viewers’ minds, might be hiding something very important. The photo taken in the room at the end contains a man who looks spookily like President Woodrow Wilson, the man behind America’s abandonment of the Gold Standard. The photo is undoubtedly sinister, suggesting that the President did the wrong thing by abandoning the national currency.

It Is A Metaphor For The CIA’s Mind Control Techniques

Jack’s downfall in the film is one of the scariest thing about the story and whilst we might think that it’s only a movie, there are many reasons which suggest otherwise. A ski poster at the beginning seems to have the words “Monarch” beneath it, which is a codename for the CIA behavioral control program, MKUltra. Driving government mind control, the MKUltra is highly infamous and theorists believe that by referencing it, Kubrick was actually revealing the effects that the program had on its participants.

The Mysterious Room 237 References The Moon Landing

Before it was a film, The Shining was a celebrated novel by Stephen King and in it, many things were a lot different. Chiefly, the film’s infamous Room 237 was originally Room 217, which many people Kubrick changed for a sinister purpose. The number 237 could reference the fact that the earth is 237,000 miles from the earth, and that Kubrick was involved in the original moon mission.

Jack’s Typewriter Changes Color

Jack Torrance’s typewriter plays an important part in the film, but if you look a little closer, you might spot something a little strange about it. At first a light-tan color, the typewriter appears later in the film as a shade of blue, a change that is not referenced in the film. Whilst many believe it was an oversight on Kubrick’s part, others claim that it speaks volumes about the film as a historical event.