20 Crazy iPhone Cases That Will Have You Cracking Up

Headless Cat

For those looking to get a phone case that serves them no purpose and makes it difficult owning a phone, this is for you. There is no head on the cat and how are you going to put that in your pocket with the paws always being in the way?

Pop Tart

Have you ever wanted to have a phone case that will always make you hungry? Well if so, we have the case for you. This Pop Tart phone case is making our stomachs rumble just by looking at it.


It looks like it could be grass (in a way it is) or maybe a bush, but this is some marijuana for you. Just don’t get high and try smoking your phone!

Spanish Anyone?

This is a cute one, as it is supposed to be speaking some Spanish to us, but with a little pun. There is nothing too crazy here, but kind of funny.