20 Dogs Who Rock Their Underbite

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Many humans have the privilege of regular dentist check-ups, and brushing and flossing are no big deal thanks to having opposable thumbs. For our canine friends who can’t enjoy the luxury of dentistry or opposable thumbs, they’re much more likely to have crooked teeth with dramatic over/underbites and teeth pointing in all directions. Lucky for them, it often totally enhances their cuteness and makes them stand out from their straight-toothed counterparts. Here are 20 pooches who totally own their underbites.

Puppy Dog Eyes

Not only does this guy have a super-cute underbite, he also has some of the sweetest puppy-dog eyes ever.

Getting Scientific

The technical term for an underbite is “mandibular prognathism.” That just doesn’t have as nice a ring to it as “underbite” does though.

Close Up

Kim Kardasian’s selfies have nothing on this pooch’s skills! That’s one cute close-up.

Ball of Squish

It appears this dog might have ran face-first into a door, or it’s doing its best “melted candle” impression.

Bless You

Could you take that picture again, please? You seem to have caught me mid-sneeze.

Asking Nicely

Begging for a trip to the orthodontist, perhaps? It’s probably pretty hard to say no to that sweet face!

Hate To Break It To You…

Large dog breeds are less likely than small breeds to have periodontal disease. Bad news for this little guy!

All Over the Place

This pup’s teeth go in the same direction as its hair – which probably wasn’t planned, and is certainly no easy feat!

Great Qualities

This dog has a lot going for it: not only does it have a fantastic underbite, it rocks multicolored teeth too!

Fun Fact

You may have noticed that bulldogs have underbites more often than other dogs. That’s because bulldogs’ jaws are compressed much tighter than other breeds.

Enjoy The View

The majestic background doesn’t take away from the beauty of this dog’s underbite at all.


Maybe this Boxer earned its crooked teeth and underbite in an especially tough match?

Shock And Awe

Could this look of disbelief be the result of this adorable dog looking in the mirror for the first time?

Baby Teeth

This baby bulldog looks like it will soon be making some serious profit from the Tooth Fairy.

A Case Of The Blues

This blue leash really brings out my underbite, doesn’t it? There’s nothing great lighting can’t do!

Road Trip

Could this shaggy dog be driving itself to the dentist? Probably not.

Good Bad Guy

This little guy looks like he could be the Cutest Villain Ever in a superhero movie.

Good To Know

Did you know puppies have 28 baby teeth and when those fall out, they’re replaced by 42 more?

Ruff Day

This dog is showing off its best “I Hate Mondays” look. We’ve all felt this way!

Throw Me A Bone

Dog bones aren’t just for fun – they are very important for your dog’s dental health and keeping their teeth clean, too!