20 Crazy Facts You Will Want To Tell Everyone

A Dead Man Won A Race

This one sounds really weird but it is true. A man by the name of Frank Hayes, who was a horse jockey back in 1923 won the horse race even after he had a heart attack and died. Somehow, he was able to stay on the horse and finished in first place.

A Cheese With Maggots In It

And people actually eat it! There is a Sardinian cheese called Casu Marzu that has live maggots in it. The maggots can jump 5 inches off the cheese while you are eating it. Who would eat cheese with maggots in it?

The Loneliest Creature On Earth

The loneliest creature on Earth is the whale. It calls out for its mate with a high pitched noise but the noise is so different to the other whales and they never respond. This whale has been calling out to its mate for 20 years now!

A Frog That Eats With Its Eyes

The Northern Leopard frog actually uses its eyes to swallow its prey. It retracts its eyes into its head and this way, the eyes are able to help push the food down its throat.