20 Cool And Crazy Things Made From Gold

Gold Lemonade

You definitely won’t get this for a dollar at the neighborhood kids’ lemonade stand; the Elixia lemonade is infused with 24k gold flakes.

This ultra deluxe drink was produced by a company in Dubai known as Elixia Faustin. It doesn’t just refresh your body, it also “refreshes your wealthy mind.”

Gold Toilet Paper

A company known as ‘Toilet Paper Man’ is actually selling a roll of 24K gold toilet paper for over 1.3 million dollars.

It is the most expensive toilet roll in the world and is made in Australia. The toilet paper is 100 percent useable and safe. It comes gift-wrapped and is delivered personally with a bottle of Champagne.

Gold Pencils

Korean designer Daisung Kim, was for some reason inspired to design gold pencils. Each one is coated with a thin layer of 24k gold and is available at the surprisingly reasonable cost of $20.

Hey if you believe in luck these might just come in handy during your next exam.

Gold Lamborghini

The world’s most expensive car, the Lamborghini Aventador is crafted from a 500kg solid block of gold and costs 7.5 million dollars to build. There is a reported 25 kilograms of gold within the final product.

The Aventador boasts a V12 engine and a massive 700bhp; it has a seven-speed transmission, and reaches 100kmph in under 3 seconds.