20 Celebrity Doppelgängers Who Always Get Asked For Autographs

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We all have celebrity lookalikes, to a certain extent. Whether it’s our hairstyle or facial features, there are plenty of us out there who look like celebrities. Some are more accurate than others, of course. There are people who look so uncannily like the famous celebrities we wonder if it’s a good thing for them. These are regular people with regular jobs who share the same face of more popular celebs. We can’t believe that big stars like Morgan Freeman or Ryan Gosling have amazing doppelgängers who are just ordinary people like us! Have a look at the list for the 20 absolute celebrity lookalikes who must get tired of being stopped and asked for photographs.

Peter Dinklage

His most common comment from people must be: ‘Gee, you’re much taller than I thought you’d be…’

Harry Styles

From the messy hair down to the dimples, this boy is lucky enough to be born in the generation where ‘One Direction’ is such a big thing.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It must be awesome sharing the face of such a great actor like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Emma Watson

No, sorry — I don’t know where Harry or Ron are!

Neil Patrick Harris

This is so LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!

Carl From Up

It’s like Carl in real life! Only thing is, the real one actually hates balloons…

Ryan Gosling

This guy made us do a double take–is he Ryan or is he not? I bet he’s always being stopped by fans and paparazzi.

Morgan Freeman

No, this is not Morgan’s new film role. This is just Morgan Freeman’s doppelgänger who works as security! Awesome.

Benedict Cumberbatch

This isn’t the real Sherlock Holmes, but we won’t mind as long as he has the English accent down to pat as well.

Zooey Deschanel

We envy both girls for having that perfect bangs and ice blue eyes. Both are so beautiful.

Justin Bieber

Yes, this is Robin Verrecas, Justin Bieber’s doppelganger. Surely one Bieber is enough?

Russell Brand

This guy looks so much like Katy Perry’s ex, although I think he needs more chest hair.

‘ames Franco

‘I now get stopped for random drug tests, thanks to James Franco and The Pineapple Express’

Ed Sheeran

‘No, I am not going to sing Thinking Out Loud.’

‘Dora the Explorer’

‘I’ll forever remember my parents giving me this haircut and making me look like that Spanish backpacking explorer… And I will have my vengeance.’

Adolf Hitler

Well there have been conspiracies that Hitler is still alive… maybe this is him?


He must hate being referred to as ‘White Drake’ all the time.

Hugh Laurie

Dr. House? Is that you?

Zac Efron

‘So, High School Musical was already ten years ago, but I still get mistaken for Zac.’

Seth Rogen

Doesn’t he look so much like comedian Seth Rogen?