20 Celebrities That Were Kicked Out Of High School

High school is a time in our lives that many of us would like to forget. While some people enjoyed that time and would love to go back, most people would rather forget it and move past it, especially these celebrities! We may have hated high school, but at least we finished and that is more than the people on this list can say. Yes, these are 20 celebrities that were kicked out of high school. From fighting to getting their nose pierced, the reasons vary, but check out the full list here. Some of them may shock you!

Charlie Sheen

The famous actor has been #winning for years, at least in his mind. Sheen was kicked out of Santa Monica High School for having poor attendance and bad grades.

Albert Einstein

Einstein is a genius and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, but he also had trouble in school. He was kicked out of many schools for being lazy and having a bad attitude. At the age of 15, he gave up and dropped out of school on his own.

Snoop Dogg

You are probably thinking that Snoop Dogg was kicked out of school for smoking pot, right? Wrong! It goes back to elementary school for him and being expelled for indecent exposure.

Amy Winehouse

Winehouse was such a talented musician that left this world way too soon. She was rebellious and that started back in high school, as she was kicked out for getting her nose pierced.