20 Bizarre Couches And Sofas You Never Knew Existed

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Hey do you need new couch? Well maybe it’s time to go shopping and this time around you might even want to try something different, something unique, something weird. How about a pig couch or even a couch that looks like a coffin? Even better, you could live out your childhood dream of lying on a magic carpet. Whatever your heart desires, there are plenty of options to suit your needs. Check out these 20 bizarre couches and sofas and see if any of them tickle your fancy!

Cactus Couch

This one seems to defeat the purpose of a couch. I mean can you sit on a prickly cactus? I sure wouldn’t.

Chewbacca Couch

This is proof that Chewbacca actually existed. Unfortunately you won’t get a chance to see him in real life since someone beat you to the punch and turned him into a couch.

Coffin Couch

Not sure what kind of coffin you want to be buried in when you pass on? Well get a little test run from this eerie coffin couch. I’m sure the Adams Family had this one in their living room.

Egg Couch

Hey, I love eggs as much as the next person, but do I want to sit on them while I’m relaxing, or watching TV? Probably not. What happens if they crack, or worse, if they hatch? Yikes!

5. Cow Sofa

I know it sounds a tad cliche, but if I owned this sofa I would probably name it Betsy.

Steel Sofa

This fancy sofa looks good, I just don’t know if it feels good. How long do you have to sit on this before your entire butt becomes numb?

This cool stainless steel design is actually the world’s most expensive sofa and is worth $300,000.

Grass Couch

Hey neighbor can you please mow your couch! Oh and don’t forget to trim the armrests.

Mountain Couch

So, maybe you’ll never get the chance to climb mount Everest, but you can pretend to live out your ‘mountain climbing’ dream thanks to this unusual mountain couch.

Space Invaders Couch

Someone took their love of video games to a whole new level. But, I must admit this is a pretty cool couch.

As you’ve probably guessed, designer Igor Chak based the design on the retro video game, space invaders.

Rome Couch

Now you can rule over your own roman empire in this amazing couch. Hey, now you can take a trip to Rome without even leaving your living room.

The Bird Nest Couch

I’m gonna assume that the person who bought the egg couch might also want to add this bird nest couch to their collection. It does look like the comfiest couch in the world though.

Keyboard Sofa

I’m sure every IT company in the world would want to have this QWERTY keyboard sofa in their lobby. I’m not even a ‘techy’ and I want one!

Flying Carpet Sofa

So maybe you’ll never get to fly on a magic carpet like Aladdin, but you can buy this flying carpet sofa and pretend to fly on a magic carpet like Aladdin.

Vintage Car Sofa

I don’t know if someone turned their vintage car into a sofa, or their sofa into a vintage car, but either way it sure looks classic!

Concrete Couch

If you’re not careful you might take a nosedive into this comfy looking couch, then finding out the hard way that’s it’s actually made from concrete. Ouch!

Boat Sofa

The great thing about a boat sofa is that you get the complete boat experience, minus the sea sickness. Clever right? What’s even better is that it can be used as an actual vessel.

Pig Couch

This must be the little piggy that stayed home… get it? Animal lovers might just appreciate this wacky creation. Just grab some snacks and get ready to ‘pig out’ on your pig couch!

Cloud Floating Sofa

If I fall asleep on this sofa I might never ever want to wake up. I mean what could be more comfortable than sleeping on a cloud?

Loopty Loop Sofa

I know that this looks like an orange peel but its actually a couch, and reportedly a very comfortable one at that. This fascination structure is made from a single piece of red oak, and covered in high density foam for comfortable seating.


Edible Chocolate Couch

Clearly this delicious looking couch would not stay in my house for more than a minute. I mean come on, its made of chocolate! Yummy!

The chocolate couch was created by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich for an art-exhibit titled, “Let Them Eat Art.”