10 Celebrities Who Have Saved Lives

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Although celebrities are generally held in very high esteem by the vast majority of the public, this is usually because of their fame and fortune rather than anything they have actually done to benefit mankind. That isn’t to say though that celebrities don’t do their part. In fact, many are responsible for all kinds of charitable endeavors or aid appeals that intend to help those less fortunate than themselves. However, a few famous figures have actually put their own lives on the line by saving someone else who is in immediate danger, showing just how selfless they are.

Doug Stanhope

Controversial comedian Doug Stanhope, who has done a number of routines joking about suicide, actually talked down a man who was threatening to jump from a bridge in Scotland last year. Not only did he help get the man down from the potentially dangerous situation but also told him some jokes to try to lighten the mood.

Heidi Klum

During a vacation in 2013, Heidi Klum’s son and the child’s nanny were swept out to sea while swimming in the water. Realizing that both people were in serious trouble, the model jumped straight into the water and rescued the pair of them by dragging them to the safety of the sand.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey was attending a screening of a new film at the Toronto International Film Festival when a woman collapsed due to a severe seizure. While other people just panicked, not knowing what to do, the actor began to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation and saved her life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator star and former governor of California was is Maui holidaying when he spotted a man on a boogie board that looked as if he was in trouble. Realizing there was a chance that the man could drown and that there was no one near him to help, Schwarzenegger swam 200 yards to rescue him and take him back to the shore.

Jennifer Lawrence

While walking her dog in Santa Monica, the Hunger Games came across a woman who fainted. She immediately contacted paramedics and attempted to revive the collapsed female, ensuring that she got the required medical attention that helped her to survive.

Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon, the star of NCIS, was responsible for saving a boy from a potentially fatal car wreck. The young man had become trapped in the flaming vehicle after it had crashed outside of the actor’s home, prompting Harmon to rush out to the scene of the accident. He then managed to break open a window and pull the boy out of the car before he was engulfed in fire.

Kate Winslet

Titanic actress Kate Winslet was staying on the private island of entrepreneur and businessman Richard Branson when he found a house on fire. The building had been struck by lightning and had set alight, while Branson’s 90-year-old mother was sleeping in it unaware of the danger she was in. Winslet rushed into the home and carried out the elderly woman, saving her from the fire.

Gerard Butler

Before he was the famous actor that he is today, Gerard Butler was involved in an incident that saw him save a young boy’s life. He was spending the day with his mother when he came across the sound of a child shouting for help as he was struggling in the water. He immediately jumped in the water, pulled the boy out of trouble and gave him medical assistance to remove water from his lungs.


Throughout his music career, T.I. has managed to save the lives of two people who were at risk of death by jumping from high buildings. In one of these instances he talked down a member of the public who was about to try and commit suicide while in the other case, he found Scott Stapp after he had plunged 40 feet and got him medical attention.

Harrison Ford

As an avid pilot, Harrison Ford has been called on several times to help fly rescue missions. One of the most famous occasions happened when a pair of female hikers became stranded on a mountain in Idaho. With no other way of reaching the two women, Ford flew his helicopter to their locations and got them back to safety.