20 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories And Their Origins

The Earth Is Hollow

For all these years we thought we were living on a lump of rock floating in space. But it turns out that the Earth is actually hollow – and every form of government has covered up this fact.

Those who believe in this theory also think that our planet has other worlds which can be accessed through giant, hidden holes scattered around the globe.

Adolf Hitler believed in this theory (only further proving its validity). Some people claim he found one of the holes and escaped through it at the end of World War II.

Underwater Monster

In 1997, an ultra-low and really loud underwater sound was detected in a remote point in the Pacific Ocean. The noise sounded like a living creature, but it was significantly louder than the blue whale, which was the loudest recorded animal to date.

It also occurred weirdly close to H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional city of R’lyeh, the supposed “lost underwater mecca” where a wicked, other-worldly being called Cthulhu apparently sleeps.

This is one of the very few conspiracy theories that seems to hold any validity – not that we believe a giant sleeping alien lives in the ocean, but we’re sure there are beings under the sea that we have yet to discover.

FEMA Will Kill Us All

FEMA is the U.S. Government’s Federal Emergency Management Agency. Someone came across approximately 500,000 plastic coffins stacked close to a major road in Georgia. The government claims that they are there for military personnel who die in the course of action, but conspiracy theorists claim that the coffins are there in preparation for people who die when the government decides to bring back martial law, once they populate the prison camps.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Was Actually A Satanic Baptism Ritual

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge helped raise over $100 million for medical research, so it’s kind of difficult to find a fault with it — other than the fact that it was incredibly annoying on social media.

However, multiple conspiracy theorists found a very obvious flaw (how did we miss it?) with the ice bucket challenge – all the people you saw dumping cold water on their heads were actually baptizing themselves into Satan’s army. The only evidence behind this apparent plot was the fact that a ton of celebrities also took part in the challenge and, as we all know, celebrities are all a part of the Illuminati and want everyone dead.