20 Awesome Film Cameos You Probably Missed

Have you ever been happily watching a film where, out of nowhere, you find yourself sitting agape at the screen, unable to get your words out and gesturing mutely at what’s in front of you? Unexpected film cameos will do funny things to your mind and unless you’re aware of what is coming, they usually strike you completely off-guard and cause the above to happen. Whether it’s another actor, a popular singer or a public singer, seeing someone that you didn’t expect to on the screen can completely change a movie and undeniably, shake things up for the characters.

But what are the best film cameos out there? Funny you should ask, as we’ve been thinking the same thing too.

Sigourney Weaver in Cabin In The Woods

Thanks to Alien, Avatar, Aliens and any other number of science fiction films under the sun, Sigourney Weaver has made a name for herself as something of a queen of the weird and wacky. When she turned up at the end of Horror romp Cabin In The Woods, then, things finally clicked into place.

Bill Murray in Zombieland

Bill Murray has carved a strange niche for himself in Hollywood, turning up in random event after random event. In 2009 zombie comedy Zombieland, Murray turned up as the undead version of himself, adding to the ever-growing roster of strange career moves that the actor has made.

Buster Keaton in Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Blvd. is a film which is, by nature, self-referential. Set in Hollywood, it follows an ageing actress as she tries to remain relevant in an increasingly young industry. Among other public figures, the silent film star Buster Keaton pops up in Sunset Blvd., representing old Hollywood in his waxwork performance as one of the main character’s deadbeat friends.

Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is a cult film if there ever was one. As well as being hugely quotable, the film employs lucrative megastar Christopher Walken in a short cameo role. Playing the incredibly disturbing Captain Koons, Walken delivers a terrifying monologue about the history of a gold watch and one man’s birthright.