20 Apps You Must Have For A Roadtrip

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Summer is just around the corner and it can only mean one thing: road trips to the beach, concerts, or other landmarks all over the country. Vacations are one of the best parts of the season, even better when you are surrounded by friends or family. While these times can be fun on their own, you may need a bit of help along the way. Here are 20 apps you absolutely must have in order to take a successful road trip. Your co-travelers will be thanking you for these.


Spotify is one of the most important apps you could possibly download when it comes to traveling. You can create custom playlists from virtually any artist you like. It helps the time pass when you are singing to your favorite tunes.


You’re driving down the highway and you realize that you need gas in your vehicle. In an unfamiliar area, sometimes it can be tricky to find a gas station. With AroundMe, your problems are solved. This app will not only find gas stations, but it will also find restaurants, hospitals, banks, and so much more.

Google Maps

If you’re looking to go to a specific destination, you’re going to need to know how to get there. While you can load up a GPS or print out a map, it is much easier to do this from your phone. With Google Maps, you can chart your progress in real time. This app also has a feature that will allow a voice to tell you directions.


Face it, when you are traveling for long periods of time, you are going to need places to stay. You don’t want to spend tremendous amounts of money on some lavish hotel when you can be spending the money in other ways. AirBnB is a place where people can post rooms or entire homes as vacation rentals. The prices are often reasonable, the locations have reviews, and you can find a place to suit your needs in almost any city around the world.


If you aren’t comfortable with staying at a place that isn’t a hotel, there is still an app just for you. The Hotels app allows you to search for places to stay in your city within a price range. They almost always have deals to make your stay cheaper and they offer an exciting rewards program. Stay 10 nights in any hotel over the course of a year, get one night free. Can’t beat a free night.

Along The Way

This app is a great alternative to AroundMe. While AroundMe will help you find more specific locations, this app is great for showing you places that are on your route. Simply plug in your destination and this app will show you all of the restaurants, bars, and gas stations along the way. This is great for planning your trip ahead of time.


So, you’ve made your playlist on Spotify, but you’re tired of hearing the same songs over and over again. If you need something a little different, Songza is the way to go. With this app, you can find music that suits the mood of the car. This is also an excellent way to find new music.


If you don’t have an Instagram account, you are going to need one now. This is one of the best places to document your trip through photographs. You can upload, edit, and even share images of your fun time with friends and family.


If you are traveling without your parents, this app may be the one lifesaver you need. Instead of constantly calling in to give them a complete update of your location, simply download Glympse. This app allows your parents to track your progress during the long journey. It gives them an estimated time of arrival as well. Let your parents know that you are safe with this awesome peace of mind.


Maybe music isn’t your thing. Maybe instead of jamming out to tunes with your friends or family, you need some quiet time with your headphones. No problem, there is Audible for that. This app features thousands of audiobooks right at your fingertips. Take a literary journey during your actual journey.

Road Trippers

Have you ever been somewhere during a trip and wished you could tell something to the next person that arrives at that spot? Well, now you can with Road Trippers. Not only can you use this app to plan your trip or make blog posts, but you can also leave information for the next people that come along to the spot. What an exciting way to connect with others.


If you don’t have a particular agenda and you’re looking for some adventure in your life, try the Geocaching app. Geocaching is basically a modern day treasure hunt. You find a nearby cache, put it into your system, and follow the trail until you reach the destination. Typically there is a logbook you can sign and sometimes trinkets you can take home. Geocaching is a great way to see off-the-grid parts of the world.


One of the most comical, yet useful apps you never knew you needed. How many times have you gone into a bathroom with a full bladder only to be greeted with a less-than-pleasant toilet seat? Now, you won’t have to worry about this dilemma. SitOrSquat allows users to update their experiences with cleanliness of toilets. This is important when traveling long distances where you may not be able to shower or have the comfort of a clean toilet for long periods of time.

Roadside America

When traveling by car, you often miss out of some of the best (or the most strange) attractions due to highways. This app shows you all of the exciting things that are nearby and how to get to them. No longer will you miss the largest ball of yarn, the fake McDonald’s used for TV commercials, or even the death car of Bonnie and Clyde.


You’ve reached your destination and you’re itching for something exciting to do. If you’re into music, this is the app for you. BandsInTown allows you to see what bands will be playing in your new location and when. This is a must-have for any music lover on the go.


Often times when traveling, you’re looking to find new places to eat. It can be tricky to find restaurants where the food is delicious when you are unsure about the lay of the land. Downloading Yelp is one way to solve this problem. Users from all over the globe review restaurants, bars, and other locations to give you a better idea of what you are stepping in to.

Food Spotting

This app is definitely more expansive than Yelp. Picture this: you’ve just arrived in Maine and you’re looking for lobster. You have no idea what restaurants serve the best lobster dinner in town. With Food Spotting, people upload photographs of the food at a restaurant. You can scroll through the photographs until you find what looks the most appealing. Best of all, this app will give you directions to the restaurant.

Find My Friends

Just because you traveled in a group doesn’t mean you have to stay in a group. You want to go to the beach while your friend wants to go shopping. With this app, you can keep track of your friends and meet up with them later. It works the same way that the Find My Phone feature does.

The Weather Channel

Getting to your destination is only half of the fun. Enjoying your trip is the rest. Weather can play a large role into whether or not your trip is enjoyed at its full potential. Consider getting The Weather Channel app. This app offers realtime maps and conditions.

Go Select Passes

You’re in a new city and you want to see all that they have to offer. With a plethora of museums, tours, and other attractions, the monetary value can quickly add up and leave you broke. Go Select Passes allow you to purchase multiple entrance tickets to many attractions at a more affordable price.