20 Animals That Look Just Like Celebrities

It’s been said that people start to resemble their pets after a certain amount of time, but these 20 celebrities look like random animals – some of which would never be kept as pets. By exaggerating a celebrity’s most obvious physical feature, it’s relatively easy to realize which animals they look like. From big smiles to big noses or big eyes, these animals bear a striking resemblance to some of the most well-known people in the world.

Sarah Jessica Parker and a Horse

Horses are beautiful creatures, and SJP, who is most well-known for her leading role as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, is quite beautiful herself.

Ron Perlman and This Boxer

For a man who usually plays tough guys, Ron Perlman sure looks like a sweet puppy. Perlman’s characters like Hellboy or Clay Morrow on Sons of Anarchy don’t usually remind viewers of a puppy dog, but a side-by-side comparison sure does.

Anderson Cooper and This Cat

Those are some mesmerizing baby blues that these two have in common! Cooper, a prominent newscaster, is often called a Silver Fox, but a cat might be more accurate.

Jamie Hyneman and A Walrus

Could this MythBuster figure out if a man and a walrus can be biological twins? Hyneman is also a special effects expert, so maybe he concocted this likeness all on his own.