20 Prisons Everyone Wants To Avoid In Their Lifetime

Prison is already a pretty scary place, so finding out there are some out there across the world that are even worse than a general prison is pretty terrifying. Most people don’t think twice about a convicted criminal being sentenced to prison, but if you knew about the horrible things going on behind bars in some corners of the world, then you would think differently about those lives forced into these situations. These twenty prisons don’t rehabilitate, they make things worse.

Camp 22, North Korea

North Korea is already the type of place most people don’t want to end up in. Camp 22, however, is about ten times worse than the Communist country as a whole. Camp 22, otherwise known as Hoeryong Concentration Camp, gained a lot of notoriety in 2012 after it was found to be holding 50,000 prisoners. Extreme torture, human experimentation, and plenty more occur behind the walls.

Carandiru Prison, Brazil

Carandiru was the site of the Carandiru Tragedy in 1992, where riots caused the mass execution of the inmates within the facility by the guarders charged with watching over them. Over 1,300 deaths were confirmed throughout the entire course of its history. Human rights violations ran rampant during its 46 years.

Tadmor Military Prison, Syria

Amnesty International calls Tadmor Military Prison the most oppressive facility in the world thanks to the dehumanization that occurs. A clean-up massacre ended the lives of around 800 to 2,400 inmates living here within a 2 week span.

Bang Kwon Prison, Thailand

The “Bangkok Hilton” was known for housing some of the most notoriously crazy individuals in all of Thailand. Most of them didn’t begin crazy, though. The prison is overcrowded, understaffed, and has some of the worst living conditions for prisoners in the entire country.