20 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Cricket

Merciless Game

England is the only cricket team in the world to lose a 60-over ODI final, a 50-over ODI final and a 20-over ODI final. India is the only team to have won all three types of finals.

Easy Milestone To Remember

Alec Stewart had a remarkable career as one of the most vital cogs in the English Cricket Team. He ended his career with a staggering 8463 runs but what makes this even more special and easy to remember is that the number is also his birthday. Weirdly enough, he was born on 8-4-63.

Steely Resolve

Allan Border is widely credited with the revival of Australian cricket in the 80’s. He did this with his instinctive captaincy and amazing batting skills. He also had the drive and determination to play 153 test matches consecutively without taking a single match off. This is truly remarkable as most batsmen dream of playing 100 test matches during the course of their entire career.

Rapid Test Match

Most test matches go down to the wire in the 5th day but two test matches in cricket history had the exact opposite result. The intense matches between England and West Indies in 2000 and Australia and South Africa in 2011 saw all four innings played out in a single day. Fans who purchased tickets for the remaining days must have been mighty cross!