20 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Cricket

Longest Innings In Cricket

The Pakistani genius all-rounder Hanif Mohammad spent 970 minutes at the crease during his marathon innings of 337 against West Indies in 1957-58. This is by far the longest time spent by any cricketer in the field in a single innings. He was also ambidextrous which meant that he was one of the rare bowlers in the world who could bowl using either of his hands.

Technique Always Prevails

The late great Don Bradman, considered by many as the greatest batsman to have ever played the game, was such a purist in his batting style that he only ever hit six sixes during his entire international career.

Cleaning Out The Opposition

Only two bowlers have ever taken all 10 wickets in a single innings during a test match. This is an incredibly rare feat that is nearly impossible to replicate. Jim Laker from England did it in 1956 and Anil Kumble from India did it in 1999.

Double Hundred In One-Day Cricket

Only three players have ever hit a double-hundred in One Day cricket in the history of the game. Coincidentally, all three players hail from India. They are Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Rohit Sharma.