20 Adorable Photos Of Dogs Being Best Friends

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Everyone loves a cute animal photo, and we’ve found 20 of them for you to check out right here. Dogs are not only man’s best friend, they are best friends with each other. These photos prove it, as we have dogs in some of the cutest photos out there! Whether it’s playing with a Frisbee together or cuddling together, running across the grass or posing for a photo, we have compiled a list of some of the cutest photos for you to look at.

Cuddle Buddies

These guys have probably been friends for years. They grew up together and you can see the love in this photo.

Hanging Out

These dogs look so cute, just sitting there, keeping each other warm. Their over-the-shoulder look back towards the camera is adorable.

Happier Than Ever

These dogs are having a blast playing together. There is so much joy in that photo that we can hardly contain ourselves!

Playtime Fun

Speaking of playtime, these dogs are having the time of their life playing with their tennis ball. Those tongues are wagging in the wind and they are loving it.

Husky Love

Everyone loves huskies, and as you can see in this photo, they love each other. This is such a cute photo, laying with each other, hugging.


This one makes our heart melt, as these dogs are ignoring the fence between them and hugging regardless. The golden one looks so happy and carefree.

Walking Side-By-Side

This is such a cute photo of these two dogs, walking alongside each other. What makes this photo even cuter is the black dog’s tail on the golden one’s back.

Friends For Life

This photo is just too much to handle. How can you not want to grab these puppies and just snuggle them all day? They are so cute and going to grow up buddies for life.

Puppy Kisses

We love some puppy kisses, but this little guy is sharing the kisses with their friend. There is too much cuteness in this photo — look at those eyes!

Little Sister Love

Keeping it in the family here, as this little girl is giving a hug to her big sister. Who knew that dogs hug? It is beyond amazing to see!

Sleeping Buddies

The big guy is passed out and the little guy just wants to stay close to him. Such a cute photo, seeing them snuggle together.

Happy Couple

The kisses continue and not just for the puppies, as this girl is sharing them with her friend. They do make a cute couple, don’t they?

Playing Together

These buddies all want that Frisbee! How cute is it to see them all with it in their mouth at the same time? They are definitely having fun.

Laying Out

These two adorable dogs are relaxing in the sun together. While those two are extremely cute, we want to see that puppy lying by itself joining in.

Snow Buddies

The photo is so great and not just because of how cute the dogs look together. It is an amazing photo and something must have caught their attention.

Sleeping Buddies

It looks like these guys are enjoying a car ride together. Cars make us sleepy too and these dogs are using each other as pillows!

Beach Buddies

The beach must have gotten a little too hot for these guys, as they make their way into the water. Such beautiful water and such good dogs for sitting there so patiently.

Big Spoon

We have the big and little spoon here for these dogs. That little dog and their paws is beyond adorable and they both are sleeping contently.

Silly Buddies

These friends are having some fun for the camera. We all like to make silly faces and pose for the camera, but it seems like dogs want to join in on the fun!