10 Shocking Medical Discoveries That You Won’t Believe

The average life expectancy no less than hundred years ago was only about 45 years. Thanks to medical advancements, this has doubled within the last century, and people have to no longer worry about hundreds of diseases that used to make short work of even the strongest people on the planet. Science continues to improve and advance on medical discoveries in order to make life easier for us, and the rate of medical advancements has become nearly impossible to keep a track of. Here is a list of 10 shocking medical discoveries that have been confirmed but you simply won’t believe.

Wheat Bags Can Cause Burns

Wheat bags may not seem like much of a threat to you, but doctors from Adelaide hospital have proven that they can provide relief from body aches and pains by causing a minor degree of a burn. Who knew that a sack of wheat had such magical properties!

Foot Odor Acts Like A Placebo

Scientists in Yokohama in 1992 won the Ig Nobel prize for a research study on ‘Elucidation of chemical compounds responsible for foot malodour’. They proved that people who think that they have foot odor will have smelly feet, but the ones who don’t believe their feet smell have perfectly normal feet.