2-Year-Old Dies After Car Rolls into River

2-Year-Old Dies After Car Rolls into River

Two-year-old Kiara Moore was trapped in her mother’s silver Mini when it rolled into the freezing River Teifi in Cardigan, West Wales, on Monday afternoon.

Her mother believed the car to have been stolen, after her she drove it to Jethro Moore’s adventure business close to the river, only to come out and discover it gone. Kim Rowlands, the mother, went inside Kiara’s father’s place of work to get money after her bank card snapped, when she came outside and couldn’t find her car anywhere.

The couple assumed the car had been stolen, frantically searching for the car and even putting up a status on Facebook. Mr Moore, the 2-year-old’s father, said:

“Just to let every one who keeps asking. They got in the car to go home.
 Sat on bank card which snapped and needed money to get home etc.
 Went back to the office to get money from the desk and came back to no car.
 Looked in the river, no signs. So we thought she and the car had been taken.

The police found the car a while later and went way beyond the call of duty jumping in and pulling her out.
 They tried to revive her for hours but unfortunately could not.
 Everyone done their best.”

Police haven’t released the circumstances surrounding the incident, however no one has been arrested and and investigators aren’t looking for a suspect. Kiara’s third birthday was next Tuesday, and was rescued from the river by hero police officers and then airlifted more than 100 miles to a hospital in Cardiff, where she was pronounced dead Monday night.