19 Ways Your Diet Buddy Is Your Friend For Life

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Extreme diets are always challenging. One of the most challenging is the juice cleanse. You will learn a whole new definition of hunger and many of your friends and co-workers won’t understand why you’re putting yourself through hell. That is the reason why many people who do the juice cleanse have to do it with a partner. After going through something like a cleanse together, you will never be apart. Here are 19 reason why you are going to be BFF’s.

No One Else Understands Why You’d Do This

While everyone else looks at you like you’re crazy, your partner gives a knowing, supportive look as she takes a sip of juice.

You Get To Ride Your High Horses Together

Those who you talk to keep saying, “I could never do that“, and it gets to your head. You both know you’re doing the impossible. Therefore, you’re better than all those puny mortals who can’t do it, right?

Your Partner Will Be The Only One Who Cares

While the vegetables do start talking to you, your partner genuinely cares.

You Can Be A Role Model For Each Other

As you see your partner succeed, you start to believe that maybe you can do it to.

You Can Be Each Other’s Cheerleader

Give me a J! Give me a U! Give me an I! Give me a C! Give me an E! What does that spell? JUICE!

You Can’t Screw Up Because That Will Lead To Her Failure

If you fail, the team fails. Can you take the pressure?

You Keep Each Other Accountable

Any big, challenging goal needs an accountability partner. It’s been studied. Being held accountable to someone increases your chances of success.

You See The Best In The Other

There is something magical in seeing someone at their best. It inspires you to be your best. It makes you really, really proud of them — it’s just beautiful seeing the best of someone.

You Are United In Your Cause

You are likely to be doing the cleanse for the same reason.

You Learn To Have Fun Together Without Alcohol

If you once depended on alcohol to loosen up and have fun, you will have to learn to go without quickly. It will only make your friendship with your partner deeper.

You Learn To Have Fun Together Without Food

Other people may need to have free food to have a party, but not you and your friend. That’s just another way in which you are more awesome than everyone else.

But #FoodPorn Takes On A Whole New Meaning.

You both have to avoid social media, or block a whole bunch of people, in order to avoid the food porn. You learn to really, really hate that friend who has to take a picture of everything she eats.

And You Enjoy Planning Your First Meal After The Cleanse

Your favorite food and alcohol free activity is planning your first meal. It’s great to imagine together what you will do to reward yourselves.

You Have Both Exchanged Food For Shopping

You have to fill that hole in your schedule and your soul with something. And it’s always more fun to shop together.

You Are Tackling This Challenge Together

Everything always seems easier when you do it in a team.

You Deal With Each Other’s Emotional Outbursts

While everyone else gets impatient, you know exactly why your partner has just burst out in tears.

She Knows Why You Just Visited The Bathroom For The 20th Time Today

You can be sure that at least one person in the line behind you understands exactly what you’re going through, even if she is probably the one in the most need.

Complaining Is Always A Good Bonding Experience

It’s also a proven fact. People who complain together stay together.

Last But Not Least, Misery Loves Company

Miserable people need to share the pain with other miserable people. So you can be hungry and angry together.