19 Of The Strangest Things That Are Against The Law Around The World

Iran – Mannequins

In 2009, the Iranian government issued a ban on mannequins – not all mannequins, but any mannequins that were not adhering to religious dress codes, and any mannequins that were deemed “too curvy.” They also made it illegal for men to sell women’s underwear.

China – Time Travel

Chinese government officials decided to ban TV shows and films with themes surrounding time travel, as they found history to be depicted in a “frivolous” or “disrespectful” way. No Doctor Who for China!

France – Ketchup

In France, ketchup is banned for use as a condiment with any food – except for French fries.

United States – Furbies

Although it wasn’t a nationwide ban, the NSA did ban the popular toy from being used within their headquarters or within the homes of any of their employees. Apparently, the NSA was paranoid that the toy could be recording confidential information.