18 Celebrities Who Married Ordinary People

If you’re in show business, you would expect the media circus to be all about your personal life and love interests. Celebrities often date fellow celebrities, superstars dating supermodels, or rockstars dating reality stars, etc. We have power couples such as Beyonce and Jay-z, or Team ‘Kimye’ and ‘Brangelina’. The general public rejoice when their favorite couple get married and mourn when they break up.

But there are a few select A-list celebrities who prefer to date ‘ordinary’ people. The media is all about these kinds of relationship, as the stories are heartwarming and touches to everyone’s Cinderella fantasy. Who wouldn’t want the poor girl meets rich and famous boy kind of story? This list includes 20 celebrities who married regular people who met in the most unexpected and surprising ways, from concert backstage to a supermarket! These non-celebrity spouses are living every fan’s dreams.

Matt Damon’s Wife Is A Bartender

Back in 2003, Matt Damon was filming a movie in Miami entitled ‘Stuck on You’. He initially had no plans to go out one night but his friends dragged him into a bar. That’s when he met his future wife, Luciana Barroso, who worked as a bartender in said bar.

Now, Matt Damon has been married to Luciana for 10 years and they have four lovely daughters. In an interview on The Ellen Show, Damon gushes about how his wife is his soulmate. “I can’t imagine being without her“. he mused “I hit the jackpot with my wife.