16 Ways A Dog Can Change Your Life

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Any dog owner will tell you that having a dog lick your face in the morning is the best alarm clock in the world. Loving and caring for a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life. Dogs in particular can be highly receptive and responsive to attention. Although most dog owners consider caring for their furry friend and receiving affection in return, enough of a reward, there are numerous other ways having a dog in your home can benefit your life.

They Make You Happier

Just the mere act of looking at your dog is known to release ‘Oxytocin’ in your body and provide you with an instant burst of happiness. This is why dog owners are less likely to experience depression and adopting a dog is sometimes recommended to people suffering from depression.

They Make You More Active

Having a dog involves a lot of physical activity such a taking them for a walk, cleaning up after them, giving them baths, playing with them and even training them. These tasks may seem a bit tedious at times, but it plays a major part in helping you stay on your toes and lead a more active lifestyle.

They Can Improve Your Overall Health

There is a staggering amount of evidence to suggest that being a dog owner can lead to multiple health benefits. They are famously known to improve your cardiovascular condition and decrease chances of heart attacks. Playing with a dog can also elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body, helping you stay calm and relaxed.

They Are Naturally Protective Of Their Owners

Caring for your dog is a two-way street. They are acutely aware of the people who love them, and in most situations behave very intelligently when it comes to protecting them. If you are an intruder and you see a dog trying to protect its master, then you better be scared, because that loving animal values its master’s life more than its own.

They Help Build Immunity To Allergens

Children tend to want to own a dog as soon as they understand what a dog is. While most parents are resistant to having a dog around their children when they are young, it is a well known fact that having a dog around you child can help build their immunity to allergens and even help prevent respiratory infections.

There Is A Lot You Can Learn From Them

Dogs are fascinating animals. Each breed has a unique personality and every dog is unique as well. Understanding your dog can be an interesting journey on its own, which is why so many pet owners get so deeply attached to their canine companions. Once you appreciate the soul of your dog, you develop a greater level of appreciation for nature itself.

They Are Known To Increase Your Vitality

Having a dog in your late years is known to boost vitality and increase overall happiness. Playing with your dog, laughing at their adorable behavior, and caring for them by taking them for walks are simple facets that affect your vitality and general mood.

They Can Detect Cancer

We all know that dogs have a superior sense of smell, but apparently that includes having the ability to sniff out cancer. Many dog owners have reported their pets repeatedly sniffing around a particular spot on their body that later revealed to be cancer infected areas. If you though it was enough that your dog brings you the newspaper every morning, they can clearly even help save your life.

They Can Be Heroic

There are plenty of stories of dogs rising to the occasion to help save lives in the most unbelievable ways. Katrina, the black Labrador for example, almost gave up her own life trying to save a man drowning in a high tide. By a miraculous turn of events, both were eventually rescued and Katrina received a standing ovation for her bravery at that year’s Genesis awards.

They Can Be Trained In Many Ways

The intellectual capacity of dogs, along with their responsive nature, makes them such an interesting pet to own. Australian cattle dogs help rear cattle, Rottweiler’s and German Shepherd’s are used as police dogs, Doberman’s make excellent guard dogs and St. Bernard’s are instinctive rescue dogs. There are also plenty of hunting breeds and companion breeds that make the overall species look like a highly talented bunch.

They Provide A Valuable Service To The Disabled

Watching a dog care for a disabled person can be a remarkable thing. It appears as if the dog is well and truly aware of its role in the person’s life and takes its job very seriously. People who are visually impaired rely on guide dogs to travel to necessary places; signal dogs help the hard of hearing stay aware of their surroundings while service dogs are used to provide mobility assistance and stay vigil for medical emergencies.

They Can Test Your Patience

Despite being an absolute bundle of joy on most occasions, your dog can misbehave at times and even act unruly. These are those testing times that can forge the strength of your bond forever. The patience you show in teaching your dog not to relieve itself indoors or not to chew on your couch can be a testament to your own will and character.

They Help Teach Responsibility

Caring for your dog can be no different than caring for a member of your own family. They have a very specific set of needs and desires that need to be met to keep them happy and at ease. Having a pet in your home and allowing your children to share the responsibility of its well-being is the easiest way to introduce them to a very vital trait.

They Help Improve Your Social Life

Every dog owner is used to the idea of strangers stopping to pet your pooch. There is no escaping this phenomenon. Most people are drawn to dogs and to dog owners, as they seem to be naturally caring people. Socializing becomes a natural process when you are a dog owner.

There Is Always An Element Of Unpredictability With Your Dog Around

There is no telling what your dog can do! They can be highly entertaining, as they try to amuse themselves in different ways, and do ridiculous things in an attempt to understand the world around them. Watching your dog fight a shadow, or bark at a mirror can bring you endless hours of joy!

They Can Help Create Some Memorable Moments

It is always a good idea to have your camera on stand-by when you are playing with your dog. There is no telling what epic moments are about to unfurl. The internet is filled with some amazing and hilarious pictures/videos of dog owners capturing some truly memorable moments, delivered by their one and only canine friend.