10 Ridiculously Outdated Pieces Of Technology Still In Use

Attitudes towards technology have given most people a rather distorted view of how the world works. While many people rush to upgrade their smartphones and devices to the very latest models at every opportunity, companies and organizations can often be much slower when it comes to upgrading. In some cases, a business might even continue to use a device or service long after it has become obsolete as a way to save time and money. This can lead to some very old pieces of technology being used despite the huge advancements made in the past few years.

VHS Tapes

At one point, most people would have shelves filled up with bulky VHS tapes that held all of their favorite television shows and movies. Nowadays, DVD’s, Blu Rays and digital media has not only saved space but provided a much better quality of picture. Despite all of this, stores still sell blank tapes and around 40% of all those living in the US still own a VCR.

Phone Books

With the constant availability of the internet allowing instant access to information about people and businesses at the press of a button, phone books seem like something of a novelty. Yet they are still printed in their millions. Every year, new phone books are delivered to millions of people in Europe and the United States, even though they are hardly ever used.