15 Signs That It’s Time To End Your Relationship

One Of You Has Already Cheated

While cheating is an end all for many relationships, not all people feel that way; many give second chances. However, sometimes you just need to realize that cheating is actually a sign that it’s over. Find someone that respects you enough to leave you before they sleep with someone else.

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Even if verbally your relationship seems perfectly fine, you may see non-verbal queues that something is off. When you sit near one another the other person turns their body away from you. They roll their eyes at you often when you talk. They find no more humor in your jokes. You’ll notice, body language often says more than people actually do.

You Notice Their Flaws Now

When you were in love their flaws were just an endearing part of them. However, now that the love is gone those flaws drive you crazy. Maybe it’s their bad habits or just something they do on a regular basis that annoys you, but it’s enough to be a deal breaker now.