10 Strange Awards You Wouldn’t Want To Receive

Receiving an award can be a highly cherished personal accomplishment for most people. Whether you are an artist or a scholar, an employee or an entrepreneur, there are plenty of awards out there that cater to rewarding the best in every field and bringing outstanding talent to the world’s eye. There are also numerous gag awards that try to highlight the lighter side of professional life. This includes mocking public mishaps and generally ridiculing the worst of the many events to happen in any given year. Here is the list of 10 awards that nobody wants a nomination in.

Bad Sex In Fiction

Since 1993, the literary review has been handing out an award in a very specific category in literature. It is an award that is given to the author who writes the worst sex scene in a fiction book for that year. The prize involves a trophy that looks like a plaster foot.

Weird-Ass Picture Book Awards

The WAPBA’s are given to the strangest books of the year, and to those books that have really bizarre illustrations or cover art. It was created in 2006 by a blogger named ‘MotherReader’ and winners include books such as ‘New Socks’ by Bob Shea and ‘Bow Wow Bugs a Bugs’ by Mark Newgarden.