15 Problems Only A Book Lover Will Understand

Face it, there is more to life than just living day-to-day. Sometimes, you need to escape into another world. Whether that world is filled with wizards, crime, or hunky men is completely up to your personal preference. The art of writing and storytelling has been around since the beginning of time and has been enjoyed by many since. If you can’t go a day without books, here are 15 problems you most likely encounter all the time.

You Can’t Decide What To Read Next

Your “to read” list is growing larger and your bookshelf may be falling apart, but trying to pick what to read next is nearly impossible. There are so many great books out there to start with.

You Can’t Leave A Store Without A Book

You go into a department store in search of one item and instead, you come out with several books. Also, passing up a bookstore is a big no-no. They might just have that novel you’ve been itching to read. Better hand over your money already.

You Sometimes Forget Books When Traveling

You get settled into the backseat of the car or your seat in the airplane when you realize that you’ve forgotten reading material. The rest of the trip suddenly turns into dreadful moment until you can find the next bookshop.