15 Problems Only A Book Lover Will Understand

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Face it, there is more to life than just living day-to-day. Sometimes, you need to escape into another world. Whether that world is filled with wizards, crime, or hunky men is completely up to your personal preference. The art of writing and storytelling has been around since the beginning of time and has been enjoyed by many since. If you can’t go a day without books, here are 15 problems you most likely encounter all the time.

Your “to read” list is growing larger and your bookshelf may be falling apart, but trying to pick what to read next is nearly impossible. There are so many great books out there to start with.

You Can’t Leave A Store Without A Book

You go into a department store in search of one item and instead, you come out with several books. Also, passing up a bookstore is a big no-no. They might just have that novel you’ve been itching to read. Better hand over your money already.

You Sometimes Forget Books When Traveling

You get settled into the backseat of the car or your seat in the airplane when you realize that you’ve forgotten reading material. The rest of the trip suddenly turns into dreadful moment until you can find the next bookshop.

You Don’t Have Enough Space To Store Them

Your bookshelf is on the verge of collapsing. Your second bookshelf is filling up fast. You’ve begun to make furniture out of your books in order to store them. Friends think your crazy, but you don’t see the problem.

You Experience Book Hangovers

You know what a book hangover is. It is when you’ve been immersed in a fictional world for so long that when the last page has been turned, you spend your time reeling for more. You think about the characters, their lives, and how suddenly not okay you are with your own. This hangover will most likely last until you dive into your next great book.

You Often Stay Up Too Late Because Of A Book

Sleep? What’s sleep? When you’re in the middle of an epic story, you don’t need sleep. Sure, you might be falling asleep at your desk the next day, but it was so totally worth it.

You Avoid Getting Things Done Just To Read

The dishes are piling up in the sink and your project needs to be completed by morning, but one more chapter won’t hurt you, will it?

You Often Lose Track Of Time

This is a very common issue with avid readers. You settle down into your favorite chair at 8 pm with plans to read before you hit the hay. Next thing you know, the clock is telling you that it is 2 am.

You Hate Interruptions

It is an unspoken rule that a book in someone’s hand is another form of a “do not disturb” sign. Despite how it appears, you are busy and should only be bothered in the case of a dire emergency.

You Have To See The Movies, And Complain The Entire Time

Despite the fact that you know every book is better than its movie counterpart, you still force yourself to the theater just to make sure. Every time, you find yourself whispering to the people next to you about how they missed certain important details.

You Hate The Long Wait Between Books In A Series

You just started an exciting next series and want to read book #2. You hop on the internet and began to do some searching, only to find that the sequel won’t be released for seven months. This is the worst kind of agony that a reader can have.

Your Borrowed Books Get Returned In Terrible Condition

There is yet another unspoken rule when it comes to borrowed books. You must treat them as you would someone else’s children. After all, these novels are a reader’s children.

When People Ask You What You’re Reading, While You’re Reading

Being interrupted in general is bad. Being interrupted by a stupid question is the worst. Clearly they can read the cover of your book instead of asking.

There Are Books That Weigh More Than A Newborn Child

Some of the greatest novels are also the largest. Despite the fact that a book can weigh so much, you still manage to carry it around. Does this count as a type of strength training?

The Feeling You Get When Someone Tells You To Just Get An e-Reader

E-readers are nice to have. They are lightweight, you can carry many books around at once, and novels are available to you at all times. However, there still isn’t anything better than a printed book in your hands. Even if you have an e-reader, it is still annoying for someone to tell you to get rid of printed books for good.