15 Offices That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Selgas Cano Architecture (Spain)

Imagine getting to sit in the woods for work everyday. If you work for Selgas Cano Architecture in Spain, you get to do just that, but with a well-equipped office, plush desk, and glass wall that faces mother nature herself.

Threadless (Illinois)

This Chicago-based t-shirt company is cool as can be. There are tons of t-shirts hanging from the ceiling, graffiti art covering the walls and an RV parked inside with the door open, in case you want to hop in and chill for a bit.

Pixar Animation Videos (California)

There’s an atrium, a tiki cabin and art galore on the 22-acre campus. And the Chief Artistic Director has a toy closet bigger than what you could have dreamed up as a child!